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You can usually find me in the South…

Most of my writing reflects this, in its style and all the nuances considered deeply southern.

I love the sound of jazz playing in the French Quarter, sweeping verandahs overlooking free flowing gardens, and the scent of gardenias on the night air.

Even though I reside elsewhere, my heart will always lie within Louisiana and its Quarter. When I wander through its streets, it is with the sense of coming home…of a whispered memory long forgotten…

There are many of these memories hidden inside the south, some blissfully exquisite, laced with soft southern laughter, others touched by decadence that slips seductively towards evil…

Both memories reside together in my stories, side by side, hand in hand. One does not stand well without the other, because the south has always done exquisiteness…and evil…so well.

L. Reveaux
Member of the RWA, Elements of Romance and Kiss of Death

Loretta Wheeler